Suburban Oil LLC
HVAC, Home Heating Oil, Furnace Repair and Installation, Air Conditioning
1411 Middletown Ave Northford, CT, 06472 USA

1411 Middletown Ave

Northford, CT 06472



Our Services

Trusted In Our Community Since 1959

Heating Oil Delivery

If you are looking for a reliable heating oil delivery company, look no further.  We have been taking care of local Connecticut communities for decades and would be honored to provide you this service too.  Call for today’s oil price and ask about our plans.

Oil Burner Cleaning Service

Do you get your oil burner cleaned every year? If not, the burner may be losing efficiency and costing you money.

Furnace & Boiler Repair

Does your furnace or boiler need repair? Don’t wait…call Suburban Oil for a FREE estimate.

New Furnace & Boiler Installation

Suburban Oil can install brand new furnace, boilers and water tanks.  If you are interested in converting from one system to another to save on recurring energy costs, please ask for a FREE quote.  We do all the work ourselves…NO subcontractors!

Heating Oil Tank Service

Do you have an old tank that needs to be removed and/or replace? We can handle it!

Air Conditioning

Yes…we are not only your premier heating company but your experts in air conditioning.  Call us to help you beat the summer heat!